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I had a major crash, lost some data, and am rebuilding. Check the blog for updates. When we come back, a wide variety of art will be available for low prices

i choose learning
i choose shopping
i choose pretty pictures
i choose personality
The blog is filled with a history of cinema, comic book covers, Mike’s art, sale information, and whatever else is on his mind.
A wide range of art is available for immediate download after purchase. Movie scenes, stars, steampunk, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and more.
A gathering of comics to read and other works not for sale.
Where did all the movie illustrations come from? What is Mike’s process? What has he been up to? What are his likes and dislikes? Who is this man?!?
How to buy
A quick 4 step guide on how to make a purchase
A collection of terms and definitions to answer questions printers may present you
a selection of recommended printers to make your new purchase spectacular
copyright, terms of service, intellectual property type legal stuff.

Mike Gallagher is an international comics creator, graphic designer, illustrator, educator, and podcaster with more than 35 years experience. The sales catalog will always be changing, adding new work and diversifying subjects. Sign up to the email list for updates and free art.

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Pimp my shit on your socials