Year In Film 1929

  • Number of Releases: 707
  • Number of Feature Films in color: 60
  • Number of theatres: 23,344
  • Average weekly attendance: 95,000,000
  • Average ticket price: $0.35
  • Box office receipts: $720,000,000

Top box office stars- Clara Bow, Lon Chaney, William Haines, Hoot Gibson, Colleen Moore, Charles Buddy Rogers, Richard Barthelmess, Ken Maynard, Tom Mix, Nancy Carroll

Top grossing films- The Broadway Melody $2.8m, The Cock-Eyed World $2.7m, Gold Diggers of Broadway $2.5m, Sunny Side Up $2.2m, Rio Rita $1.8m

  • Academy Award- All Quiet on the Western Front

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