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I do not care to write more than I do. I may elaborate if asked, but only if I have the time and interest.

I do not profess exhaustive knowledge on a subject unless I specifically say.

I consider myself knowledgeable enough to be an authority on managing a cinema, projecting film, drawing, sequential storytelling, the art of bullshit, comics (not as much as I have been), Cuchulain, and, in general, film.

I can speak authoritatively on those subjects. Everything else is likely poppycock or gibberish. I am a flawed, depressed artist with a lovely wife that keeps me straight and 3 cats that keep me.

I am visually minded. I read slowly. I love Shakespeare. I hate television. Chimps are dangerous. Kraft Mac and cheese is heaven. Everything boils down to class warfare and nothing else. I despised Andy Warhol and danced when he died. I prefer winter because there are no bugs. I prefer subtitled. I’m old enough to begin forgetting things I want to remember. Black Lives Matter. And my food delivery is here…..

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