Feature movie illustration 11 – The Fist Connection

Ok, so I love Rocky 1-3. 4 is popcorn propaganda. That said, Dolph Lundgren is a thing of beauty in this. I am able to vocally imitate very few people. I have two lines in my repertoire- “I must break you” from this movie and “I don’t want to see innocent people die” from masters of the universe.

I like playing with blurred areas occasionally. I think I may find something good there by accident. This is more freestyle and loose than I normally do. I think the lack of confidence may show.

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3 thoughts on “Feature movie illustration 11 – The Fist Connection

  1. Rocky 4 jumped the shark really quick! Remember the robot?
    Dolph is pure gold in that river of trash that is that movie, I agree with that. My fave goes to Rocky 3 tho…

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