Cool Comics Cover 26 – Mars #10

I have a soft spot for Mars. This was published when I was first discovering independent comics past super-heroes. I was really into learning that different people had different styles. And this was good science fiction. I hadn’t read a story like it before. Ultimately it was the gateway series to many things including European comics, graphic design, deeper sci-fi and becoming casual friends with Mark Wheatley.

I just reread the series. It holds up. Very interesting, well thought out, lots of potential. I love the character designs and the bizarro alien creatures. The concept they lay down for the planet Mars is cool. It’s a short series with a variety of fascinating covers. This one is my favorite. It’s a striking design with beautiful use of colors. I obsess over the red hair. When I first got this, the duplicated characters was impossible to work out how it was done. Of course, I learned. But what an inspiration

Have you read Mars? Let me know in the comments. I’ve only met less than a handful that have.

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