A Rambling Man 1

First I want to apologize for missing a few posts. I have been dealing with some serious life events that pulled me away. I will try to make it up to you with a week’s worth of rambling.

The movie illustrations will return soon. For now, I’m going to share some commissions I’ve done at conventions.

I began watching movies quite young. My dad was a hardcore cinema goer and liked to drag me along. If the film was inappropriate, he would cover my eyes or encourage me to play with my Peanuts finger puppets.

Her preferred espionage and spy films but would watch anything. I copied that trait. You never know when the next favorite movie will come into your life. He loved James Bond. I saw every Bond film from Live And Let Die to The World Is Not Enough with him in the theatre. I was not able to see Die Another Day thru Skyfall due to how far away we lived. We always caught them on the ABC Sunday Night Movie too.

One fond memory is traveling to State College to see two films. We went into this new business that had small booths with a color tv. You could pick a movie from their VHS collection and watch it in the booth. I don’t remember how much it cost. We watched Monty Python’s Holy Grail and Excalibur. Two films we were not able to catch in Altoona. The concept obviously did not last long. We saw Life of Brian, Deer Hunter, Deliverance, and Semi-Tough. I saw part of Mike Jitlov’s Wizard of Space and Time, but the tape ate itself part way thru.

The first R-rated film he let me watch was Caddyshack. I got to an age where nudity did not matter. He would try to avoid films that had gratuitous violence or gore. He thought it was bad to watch people killing each other. I kept that trait too, though I have seen my fair share of gore. Caddyshack imprinted on me and has never stopped being enjoyable. It changes from year to year. I love it so.

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