A Rambling Man 2

I began watching anime with Battle of the Planets. Not Speed Racer. No. Yuck.

Eventually my family went to inner harbor in Baltimore. There was an incredible comics store there. I had my summer cash and was hungry for new comics. I got a couple issues of Longshot and something Paul Gulacy. I got the first graphic novel collection of Nexus. And a Macross VHS tape. Super dimension fortress Macross. Life altering Macross.

Harmony Gold, Carl Macek, pre robotech, had a version of the first three episodes with most of the robotech voice actors, some name changes and a little less edited released to see if there was a market. There wasn’t. I was lucky as hell to have found it. I still have it.

Summer of 84 was the Macross movie event. I got it in 85 from one of the tape trading clubs I belonged to. No subtitles. Just me and the video and my abusive passion for trying to learn Japanese. That movie blew my mind, I imprinted on it, and I’m now it’s child. Still love that film.

I’ve seen most of Macross. There is too many series and not enough free time to see all of it. Check it out if you are interested.

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  1. The local collectibles store has the Macross saga in three large volumes for cheap-$20 for the first (best) and $15 for the rest. If you ever come back to my neighborhood check the store out!

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