Inspiration 4 – Phillip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick. 1928-1982 Author

44 novels, 121 shorts, aided in creating modern science fiction.

Philip Dick is my favorite author. I started reading him in 1983, wanting to know more about Blade Runner. I have not read all of his novels. Some are so difficult to find or out of my price range.

Typically his work is serious science fiction, exploring a possible future or an alternate earth. He commonly infuses a mix of the following into his novels: philosophy, the nature of reality, identity, mind altering substances, failed relationships, religion, what is consciousness, time travel, and divergent history.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (of course), Ubik, A Scanner Darkly, and The Zap Gun are my current favorites. I enjoy all of his writing. I am a slow reader, a visual reader. Certain types of prose are easier for me to read than others. His action flows well and his character moments take the time they need. His characters are very interesting and often have unusual points of view. He creates detailed environments that can lead anywhere.

There is an AI simulacra

I love getting lost in his world. It is never boring, confusing, and he never lets you down with the ending.

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