Cool comic cover 5 – Detective Comics #619

Norm Breyfogle filled my Batman quota in college. Just before the movie was released in 1989 I was looking for a Batman fix. I was a fan of the character but was disillusioned by most of DC’s 80s output. This was before dark and gritty, before the Dark Knight Returns.

I went looking, found nothing interesting in Batman or Detective. Some of the graphic novels were worth getting, but it looked like I would stay away from the Bat a while more. My friend at the comic shop said I should read Detective. I bought an issue and was floored by the Norm guy. The art was so angular and exaggerated that it hit me the right way. I was hooked.

I got to talking with Norm over Facebook and Messenger a few years back, around 2010-2012. He was very down to earth and spoke freely about the art and industry. He treated me as a colleague, not a fan. I enjoyed the time I got to virtually spend with him. I missed his comics output and now I miss him.

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