Inspiration 3 – Henri Marie Raymonde de Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. 1864-1901. Artist

T-L was a cursory artist before I went to college. Once there, I fully embraced his art and obsessed over him for years. His use of line and color steep still in my art brain. I continue to find new things in his work.

Dance at the moulin rouge

I was in IUP’s first computer art class. I made a study of the above painting, breaking down every component and describing the why it exists and what it means. This is a prime example of T-L’s creating rhythm and motion in the composition.

The Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh is an example of line work and color that soaked into my style.

Salon in the rue Des moulins
At the moulin rouge

The woman on the right is eerily colored. Something that has been speculated on for decades. This is the allure of T-L to me.

The cartwheel
Moulin rouge, the goulue

T-L reused figure much like a graphic artist. This litho advertisement pulls from The Dance at the Moulin Rouge.

Chocolat dancing in bar darchille

This is a delightful drawing full of expression and emotion.

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