Back in action

Sorry for the wait. Between my depression, changes at my mundane job, and the shenanigans of my aged mother, life kind of beat on me for a while. I’ve been recovering. There are posts in the can. I hope to be scheduled out at least a month ahead.

The shop in the website is up and running. Made a sale on my first day. A handful more after. No advertising yet. So I am still feeling positive. Go check it out. Digital downloadable movie illustrations that won’t break the bank. Most are $5. You can use them as gifts, for yourself, the office. Cheaper than a cup of coffee.

The website itself nears completion. I’ve been struggling with learning everything. I focused on the shop and the law. Now it’s content. I post my changes live for entertainment value. I should have forms soon.

Speaking of which, follow me on gumroad and you will get a free exclusive print.

Commissions will soon be opening. I am creating a standard form that will make this as streamlined as I can.

For the new peeps, welcome. Please communicate with me. Tell me what’s on your mind. For the steadfast and true, I’m glad you are still here. What’s up?

Generally the blog schedule will be Cool Comic Covers on Sundays, Tuesdays will be movie day, and Thursdays will be art day. I’m going to sprinkle in the occasional rambling man post, or some extra art, maybe contests, we shall see. I crave feedback. I crave your dollars also.

I’m glad to be back and I’m glad you are with me. Let’s build the MGA Tribe into something monumental together.

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