MGA biography timeline

MGA time line

i was ready to raise hell in striped overalls
born to draw and raise hell
Mike arrives

Mike was a trend setter from the get go.

kid with glasses reading flash comic
dazzled by kirby dots
comic books

Mike's dad loved comics and quickly got his child addicted.

live long and prosper
Star Trek

Mike enjoyed quite a bit if scifi in his youth but Star Trek sealed the deal for life.

mickey disney 1971
most magical place on earth
Walt Disney World 1st trip

Dad took Mike to Disney World just as Epcot had broke ground. It was part of a larger trip but Disney was incredible

icon star wars logo
may the force be with you
Star Wars

Star wars has consumed Mike's life. It kept his store float. It got him a solid comics gig. It has given highs and lows. Mike still has all of his toys from the 70s and 80s

blog insp icon Dave Cockrum
Draw all the time
Dave Cockrum

Mike met Cockrum, one of his handful of comics heroes, at a comic con in Pittsburgh. Cockrum gave him a portfolio review and solidly set Mike on a path that never ends. Sequential art is king!

bio timeline blade runner
more human than human
Blade Runner

Mike saw this several times in its origial release. It was the first vhs he rented, the first purchased, the 2nd dvd and the first bluray. This movie is holy and has continued to influence Mike. He cringes every time someone adds to it.

hikaru, misa, minmei, valkyrie
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Super Dimension Fortress Macross

First saw Macross on VHS before Robotech. Launched Mike's obsession with anime and japanese culture

me icon bear
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1st professional sale

Mike designs an ad for a japanese catalog company his senior year of high school

iup logo
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Graduated with a BFA in 4.5 years

gilbert gottfried in the 80s
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Dinner with Gilbert Gottfried

Mike enjoyed a post-gig dinner with Gilbert, one of his favorite comedians

emo phillips in the 80s
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Dressing room chat with Emo Phillips

Mike made friends with Emo, discussing unreleased films, comedy as art, and life in general.

me icon bear
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Activities Board

Lifelong friends and a solid understanding of the entertainment industry was gained

george carlin smiling
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George Carlin snacks

Mike got to work front of house for a 2 show gig. Carlin spent time discussing comedy and movies with Mike

icon time Giancarlo Esposito
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Chat with Giancarlo Esposito

Esposito was on campus giving a lecture on racism. Mike got to spend time with him and a group in a private discussion

bobcat on a talk show
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Starstruck over Bobcat Goldthwait

Mike has been starstruck twice. The first time was with Bobcat who told him to calm down, he was just a person. A great conversation followed

me icon bear
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Zanadu Comics

Mike opened a comic shop with his soon to be wife

icon time married
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The greatest woman in the world decided to share her life with Mike

icon timeline defiant
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Defiant Comics 1st pro contract

Mike got his first pro contract from Jim Shooter only to have Defiant go bankrupt the day he received his first script

icon timeline carmike logo
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Carmike Cinemas

Mike worked every job in the cinema, managing more than 8 theatres and becoming a training manager for way too many years

icon timeline cher
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Cher watches a movie

Cher rented out the cinema so she and her crew could watch The Sixth Sense

me icon bear
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Ruin published by Alterna

Tom Pinchuck and Mike created Ruin and launched Mike's steady involvement in Indie comics

Bull Spec magazine with mike gallagher cover and comic
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BullSpec Magazine

Mike painted the first cover and had a four part story, Closed System, serialized.

icon timeline cgs
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Comic geek Speak co-host

Mike guested, was brought on full tie, and was unjustly booted off a once popular comic book podcast. Too much drama, but Mike made a lot of friends and got a lot of respect for his knowledge of the business

icon time Allentown comic con logo
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Guest at Great Allentown comic con

Mike was a featured artist

icon time digital proj
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Digital projectors

Mike finally works with fancy new technology

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MGA studio is full time

Mike goes it alone for a couple years

icon timeline cec
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stint at Chuck E Cheese

Mike learned to host birthday parties, how mascots work, how to work a kitchen, and taught children gambling.

icon timeline state college
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return to State College

Returned home to aid his ailing father

icon time Life storage logo
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Life Storage

Mike's current non-art gig

icon timeline subbing
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Substitute teacher

Disgusted with the direction of the world, Mike does his part to educate the youth

icon timeline disney 2020
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Walt Disney World 2nd trip

Mike's brother ryan took the family to Disney!

me icon bear
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mikegallagherart launches

you are soaking in it