MGA how to 4 simple steps to purchase art


4 steps

This is the beauty of digital downloadable art. Four simple steps and you have a great new piece of art to add to your collection

Every salable work of art has a button with which to purchase the digital download.  Nothing will be sent to you physically. I only sell digital art currently. 
Gumroad will send you a link and receipt.  use the link to download your purchase.  save the file on your desktop or in a file folder labeled digital
You can print at home, use the file to upload to an online print store, transfer the file to a thumb drive and take it to a print shop or office store with a print center.  nothing needs to be changed with the image. 
You did it! congratulations. I hope you enjoy your purchase and check back soon to see if there is anything new you like. start a collection. tell your friends. make a suggestion.