Featured Movie Art 3 – The Spider’s Head

The Spider’s Oracle 2021 digital

I spent a few weeks in 2020 playing with the idea of horror. I was aiming at making images that told a story as you looked at it. I like to present a lot of ‘why’ in my work and the type of horror image I was contemplating allowed for that.

I moved away from a book illustration o a film illustration as I prefer suspense horror rather than shock horror. The woman sets the time period. The flat candle are decorative and set a mood that is slightly off due to the lack of realism. The ominous floating head is a head until you look more closely and see it’s made of webs. What implications does that have?

I used contrasting color to reverse attention to the focal point to creep you out a little more in an unconscious way. The bleeding hand is easily missed. I spent time rearranging the candles positions to not completely obscure this bit of story.

And did you notice her hat? Let me know. I’d love to see what your take is.

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