Cool Comic Cover 15 – Superman #391

First, Jose Louis Garcia Lopez is a genius of draughtsmanship, layout, anatomy, and dynamism. There is weight to his drawing. He is the evolution of Curt Swan’s perfectionism. No matter what the book it, if JLGL drew it, it is worth reading.

This cover fired my imagination when it came out. That bizarre chair. What is that all about? Where did he get it? Did Kal make it? Was it given to him? Did Kal have to assemble it himself? The screen is big enough I would love creating digital art on it.

His feet show how solid it all is, adding to the assumed weightlessness of the chair what is Kal doing with his left hand? Is he manipulating a lever? Does he type with his pinky? Why is his right hand so angsty? Does he think he can’t find Lana? CAN he find Lana?

Was the Superman shield originally a part of the chair or did he have to dip into his stash of decals and add it himself? Is the seat comfortable? Would Superman know if it wasn’t? Is his ass super sensitive? Does Kal ever get back pain?

Why that font? Why that size? Who is he writing it for? Is there a massive trove of super logs with short sentences? How is the device powered? Is it mobile or stationary? Does it smell like plastic? Can it get sticky? Does it get cable?

What do you think? Let me know.

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