Cool Comic Cover 16 – Judge Dredd Emerald Isle

Judge Dredd is one of the coolest characters ever. I discovered him in Comics Scene magazine shortly before Eagle debuted his first US issue. To me, Dredd is better than Batman. I love that he ages, still has a sense of mystery, can be used in any kind of story. And the plethora of artists that have written or drawn him is legendary.

I am unsure where this fits in with Dredd’s continuity. Fleetway was releasing min series and one shots at random. I had seen Steve Dillon’s work before and was excited to read this. I was surrounded by people who didn’t read or knew nothing about Dredd so no one shared my enthusiasm.

The story, Dredd goes to a mega city in Ireland. Clearly, they still love Guinness, which is heartwarming. That’s it.

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