Life news august 2022

Hey everyone, I want to apologize for how uneven things have been.

I gained enough knowledge to actually get the website to a workable, professional level. The catalogs are working, there are items for sale at all levels ($5, $7, $10) and the front page makes sense. I will be optimizing for phones next. Thank you to the folks on LinkedIn that gave feedback.

My mom is definitely hitting pre-dementia. How do I know? The police diagnosed this. I have been dealing with keeping her safe and going and out of trouble. It is exponentially stressful and takes away my research time for the blog.

Also, my other job is crazy until the students are back and out. The fall will provide time to blog. I am hoping to get a good bit forward. I know I can get a month ahead with a solid week’s work. I hope to get three months ahead.

Please let me know how you are doing. Or what you want to see. Or a movie I should see. Knowing you are out there would help right now. Thank you for being there even if you don’t comment. I don’t comment much on anything anymore myself. I don’t think it is a bad thing. Just knowing you read and dig my content is all I need. Wellllll, you buying my art, too. LOL

This is a cover to a book memorializing Bowie after his death.

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2 thoughts on “Life news august 2022

  1. Thank you for the update. Sorry to hear about your mom. Hopefully there is good care available for her.
    Look forward to seeing what you got cooking in the Fall!!

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