Find This Film 2 – Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic At Hanging Rock 1975

Director: Peter Weir Cinematographer: Russell Boyd

Australia’s first international hit!

I knew nothing about this film going in. I love Peter Weir films and wanted to see this but never had the opportunity. Eventually I bought it.

I created a perfect viewing experience. No interference. No phone. No one in the house. Cats sleeping. A large drink and a snack. I put it on and sat back

Honestly, this film changed my life. When it was over I remained in such a strange headspace. I knew what I saw, I understood it as far as the film allows, but, what happened?

It still haunts me, several years later. From the time the girls start climbing to the end, it doesn’t click in my head. I know what happened but I don’t know. It is so spooky. I’ve seen the film several times and it remains.

Peter Weir is one of a handful of directors that I enjoy every film of theirs I see. I am dancing around speaking directly about the film because I want to spoil nothing. The images, without context, are meaningless. Weir has a deft hand in telling a very complex story in a simple way. Very deceptive. You need to be on your toes, absorbing everything, to get the full tale being told. It is marvelous.

I am in awe of Picnic as it crawled into my head and settled down as a conundrum to ponder. It is rare to encounter a film that can hit you perfectly. For me, everything in the picture is perfect. The writing, sound, cinematography, acting. All of it. Nothing stands out as more or less interesting. Nothing is unneeded. It flows exactly the way it needs to. This is the kind of film that richly rewards one for studying film, understanding how film works and appreciating it on a deep level.

Go forth, find this film, let me know what it does for you. I recommend this in the highest possible way.

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