december 2022

This Headline Grabs Visitors’ Attention

blog number whatever type too

things are afoot

a few things, i have the website up and functional, for reals

this blog is to attract you to the site to exchange money for art. like what is beside us here.

to get back to blogging i am going to write a bunch of nonsense. i will create entertaining content.

i am having surgery next week and wil begin to pump it out.


2023 will get me back to a normal schedule of cool comics covers, history of cinema, and featured art. maybe some other stuff returning later.


i am hoping i can engage you, dear reader, enough to create a tribe of movie fans to talk to. i’m planning on giveaways, special promotions for email list membership, adding steampunk art for sale, and getting commissions worked out.

i am grateful if you are still here for my blog. thank you.


the babbling will commence in a week

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