Find This Film 14 – Prince of Darkness


prince of darkness

director: john carpenter cinematographer: gary b. kibbe starring: donald pleasance, lisa blout, jameson parker, victor wong, dennis dun, alize looper

I love me a john carpenter film. action, scifi, horror, don’t care. i think there are maybe 2 of his films i don’t like at least a little bit.

Prince of darkness is one of my favorites. it’s one of carpenter’s three picture deal that he could do anything as long as it was cheap. i love this movie. it is spooky, smart, and incredibly ell made. it has fun moments featuring classic carpenter tropes.

the effects were on point. the satan tube is mysterious and cool. the various levels of evil makeup was great including the skinless woman which haunted me for years. the acting is handled by carpenter’s late 80s troupe of veterans.

this particularly stands out for how it ends. after a scientific examination of a metaphysical manifestation of a religious concept, the whole thing gives us an answer, that many people did not like. the film is worth tracking down.

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