Find This Film 15 – Fantasia



director: algar, armstrong, beebe jr., ferguson, hand, handley hee, jackson, luske, roberts, satterfield, sharpsteen cinematographer: james wo

well, if you were ever going to study the history of an animated film, this is the one to do. The behind the scenes is just as interesting as the film itself.

There are a lot of moments in this that inspired me in a deep, long lasting way. It encouraged me to draw my first nude, to study motion, it taught me what style meant. I read much about it in Junior High and High School. This ended up teaching me about the art of animation.

Sorcerer Mickey is almost more iconic than regular Mickey now. A segment that defies expectation by being entertaining without being childish.

Everything about this film is perfect. I especially like the segment that showcases sound as visualized patterns. I felt this is what equalizers were supposed to show.

 And the vivid lighting in the live symphony segments really beautify the usually stagnant presentation of the performers.

And Chernabog, so memorable. This is the biggest commitment to the film being mature, being art, than anything. This could have easily been silly. However Disney made something so powerful, dark, and horrific that suits the music perfectly.

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