Inspiration 3 – Henri Marie Raymonde de Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. 1864-1901. Artist

T-L was a cursory artist before I went to college. Once there, I fully embraced his art and obsessed over him for years. His use of line and color steep still in my art brain. I continue to find new things in his work.

Dance at the moulin rouge

I was in IUP’s first computer art class. I made a study of the above painting, breaking down every component and describing the why it exists and what it means. This is a prime example of T-L’s creating rhythm and motion in the composition.

The Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh is an example of line work and color that soaked into my style.

Salon in the rue Des moulins
At the moulin rouge

The woman on the right is eerily colored. Something that has been speculated on for decades. This is the allure of T-L to me.

The cartwheel
Moulin rouge, the goulue

T-L reused figure much like a graphic artist. This litho advertisement pulls from The Dance at the Moulin Rouge.

Chocolat dancing in bar darchille

This is a delightful drawing full of expression and emotion.

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Inspiration 2 Leiji Matsumoto

Leiji Matsumoto 1938-? Mangaka

Leiji Matsumoto came into my life in high school with my discovery of Captain Harlock and Queen Milenia. His film, My Youth In Arcadia devastated me. I scored a copy of it on VHS, back in the dark days of anime trading and no subtitles, and watch the crap out of it. I cried from how unrelentingly depressing it was. The sequences with Harlock and the Arcadia made my imagination soar.

The storytelling was incredible. That’s what made it stick. It was pure storytelling.

Eventually, I found more of his films and tv. This lead to manga. I lost my mind. Galaxy Express 999 has made an indelible mark on how I view technology, especially environments. all of the dials and switches embedded in a polished, blacker than black setting is how I want the world to look.

  • Helped create Space Battleship Yamato
  • Created:
  • Space Pirate Captain Harlock
  • Galaxy Express 999
  • Quinn Millenia
  • Queen Emeraldas
  • Gun Frontier
  • Sexaroid

Matsumoto created an entire universe filled with his characters, telling different kinds of stories. His popularity is enormous in Japan. maetel, seen to the left, is one of a selection of his characters made into sculptures scattered around the country. The Harlock universe has new content added continually.

Final Yamato, another film he made, I believe is one of the greatest animated features ever. The color scheme is reminiscent of dark Disney and resonates with me.

Storytelling is the main drive in all of his work. He never shies away from heartbreak, creating rich, deep characters in fascinating situations. I encourage you to seek him out. Getting started will be complicated but the payoff is worth it in every way.

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Inspiration 1 Dave Cockrum

Dave Cockrum (1943-2006) was a comic book artist of some prominence in the 70s and 80s. He co-created Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Black Cat, and the Starjammers for Marvel comics. Cockrum redesigned the Legion of Super-Heroes, the X-Men, and Ms. Marvel.

Cockrum was Marvel’s main cover artist for almost a decade. He won an Eagle Award in 1977 and an Inkpot Award in 1982. He eventually left mainstream comics to publish his creator owned Futurians. His career faded as his battle with diabetes grew, eventually killing him.

I met Dave in 1983 at a comics convention in Pittsburgh, PA. It was the first con I went to. I was so excited as Dave was my favorite comic artist at that time. I had just started trying to draw comic pages, having no idea of the dimensions or, really, anything. I was dying to show him.

I waited in line, met him and chatted. He asked me to come back when the line was done. I went back, we sat together on the edge of a stage, and he went thru my sketchbook page by page and gave me advice, criticism, how to draw comics, storytelling, and so much more. If there is one individual that set me solidly on the path of an artist, it is Dave Cockrum.

I met Stan Lee and the Great Kreskin at the same con. They paled in comparison.

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