History of cinema 15 – Auguste and Louis lumière

The origin of cinema

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History of Cinema 2 – The Mutoscope

The Mutoscope was invented by W. K. L. Dickson and Herman Casler and later patented by Herman Casler on November 21, 1894. It was incredibly popular and spread across the world quickly. Many different styles and sizes were made. They could be set up anywhere as they were manual machines. You would insert you coins,Continue reading “History of Cinema 2 – The Mutoscope”

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Silent Movies 2 – Shadows

There are three aspects of silent film that I study: acting poses, storytelling, and use of shadows. This post will focus on shadows. Silent filmmakers were very aware of light and shadow because their cameras needed extreme amounts of each to create good images. As creative as the Lumiere Brothers dived headfirst into fantasy andContinue reading “Silent Movies 2 – Shadows”

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