Featured Movie Illustration 4 – Queen Of The Rocket Man

Old 50s space ships, scientists as astronauts, strange women living alone on nearby worlds. This is a version of science fiction that can only lead to disastrous joy and sparks the imagination for a good movie illustration.

I love drawing in this stark black and white style. I played with zip-a-tone and layers of textures. I’m happy with the pose. I think I captured that style of movie well.

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Faces – 2

I wanted to do a piece on the hundreds of years of death the average indigenous person carries. Something subtle.

I know more about indigenous people than the average American, which is horrifying as I know so little. The majority she’s a face, a race, an controlled image. Not a person or a people or a culture. Indians, to use the name most still use, are different from indigenous people. Indians are a carefully crafted fiction that takes the place of the people. It is malleable. It is deceptive. It absorbs guilt and allows one to imagine Indians as anything you want without confronting reality.

I crafted a generic Indian face, an elderly indigenous man who typically is what is used. Harmless in his age. Foreign in his look. Non threatening.

He is ghostly. Vaguely there in front of you. Behind him is death. Acres and decades of death. You aren’t supposed to see it. You aren’t meant to. That would make him real.

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An Expression of Terror

Nosferatu 1922

I first saw Nosferatu (1922) in college. The library had hundreds of VHS films that were rare. I took advantage. If I had free time I would sign out a film or two and sit at the line of players with small TVs and headphones. The library didn’t believe in censorship so they had films that were not supposed to be seen available.

Every sci-fi, horror and film magazine had Nosferatu and Metropolis as must sees. I owned a copy of Metropolis, loved it, and craved viewing Nosferatu. The library had it. It was on!

Two movies have scared the shit out of me: The Shining and Nosferatu. I was petrified the first viewing, tense and anxious the next several. I was stunned at the power this film had. It took years of reading about it, analyzing it, to learn why.

Nosferatu, to me, is a kind of filmic touchstone. German expressionism influenced me quite a bit as an artist. German expressionistic film is what I want to be when I grow up. The unrealistic exaggeration of forms that make the sets, the shots and the costumes makes my heart sing. The overwhelming creativity of it all astounds and intrigues me.

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Riffing on blogging non blogger blog

This is to be referred to in the future

I do not care to write more than I do. I may elaborate if asked, but only if I have the time and interest.

I do not profess exhaustive knowledge on a subject unless I specifically say.

I consider myself knowledgeable enough to be an authority on managing a cinema, projecting film, drawing, sequential storytelling, the art of bullshit, comics (not as much as I have been), Cuchulain, and, in general, film.

I can speak authoritatively on those subjects. Everything else is likely poppycock or gibberish. I am a flawed, depressed artist with a lovely wife that keeps me straight and 3 cats that keep me.

I am visually minded. I read slowly. I love Shakespeare. I hate television. Chimps are dangerous. Kraft Mac and cheese is heaven. Everything boils down to class warfare and nothing else. I despised Andy Warhol and danced when he died. I prefer winter because there are no bugs. I prefer subtitled. I’m old enough to begin forgetting things I want to remember. Black Lives Matter. And my food delivery is here…..

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Hello, New People

Armitage controlling my mind

First, hello to you poor souls that are following me. I will inevitably take too long between posts, forget this exists, and make panic posts that make no sense. I’m not good at blogging and I don’t have much time to dedicate into really in depth posts. Because you are there, I will try.

Second, I would appreciate feedback. Any advice or critiques are welcome. I began my first long post and it went in a different direction than planned. I am letting it go that way. Curious what you think.

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