Cool covers 12 – Alien Legion #9

Larry Stroman, to me, is under-appreciated. he has been around for a long time and all his books are stronger because of his unique style. This is a good example of the movie poster aspect he put in much of his cover work. It’s bold, tells a story, and sells the book. Pimp my shitContinue reading “Cool covers 12 – Alien Legion #9”

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Cool covers 11 Daredevil #189

I discovered Daredevil with this issue. I can’t imagine a better time to learn about Matt Murdoch. This was at Frank Miller’s strongest time with the character. The art was fantastic with imaginative storytelling and fantastic action. This cover epitomizes this era. The composition is strong and active. The colors are simple. The character isContinue reading “Cool covers 11 Daredevil #189”

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History of Cinema 7 – Popcorn

Popcorn was not always associated with movies. When cinemas became movie palaces, they were trying to attract the high end clientele the theatres were getting. Some cinemas served beverages and nothing else. Popcorn vendors recognized a potential market and began parking in front of cinemas. The owners had no problem with this as it grewContinue reading “History of Cinema 7 – Popcorn”

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