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Biography of mike gallagher

behind the scenes


Artist. Husband. Manager. Mentor. Son. Teacher. Writer. International comics creator. podcaster.

I felt it important to give you the choice of how you want to learn about me in the official biography of mike gallagher, me
There is a timeline with significant moments of my life.
A delightful and touching story of my life.
A list of all the projects I’ve worked on. (Do you want to join the list? You can.)

my story

this would be, as they say, mike's story. for those that want to know everything about mike. who is mike? what is mike? why is mike? these are questions and may, one day, be answered in the snarky magazine style rambling mike will fill this with

published work

mike gallagher is an accomplished comics storyteller, illustrator and graphic designer. he has been making comics professionally since 2005. a selection is available. mike is an international comics artist. snippets are also here along with a variety of examples of various jobs he has had from 1986 to the present take a looksee

rachel sitting in a chair in blade runner


 for you more fun-loving people, the timeline is the quick way to learn about your favorite mike gallagher get in, see some funny pictures, get out and repeat will you learn something? how would we know? give it a try


eventually the resume will be available here... eventually

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