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All your legal questions to the website are here If you have any questions, please contact me Anything covering Terms & Conditions, Copyrights, and Intellectual property is found here. Under no circumstance will a monetary refund be given due to the nature of the product. I will change the size of an image you purchased one time for free at your request. I will change the file format of your purchase one time for free. Requests can be made but there is no guarantee they will be used . If a work of art is made based on a request, the requester has no rights nor powers over the image. commissions maybe be requested by using the commissions form. mike will contact you and go over the parameters and cost. A contract will be sent to you if he agrees to produce it. you must honor the contract or nullify the obligation to receive the final piece. All rights are reserved mikegallagherart. It is forbidden to make a profit from any work purchased from Mike Gallagher, Mikegallagherart.com, mike gallagher on gumroad. licensing is available for certain pieces .
refund policy

Due to the nature of digital downloads, there are no refunds in any way. No cash refunds. No store credit. Contact Mike Gallagher for another potential resolution to a possible problem.

terms and conditions
intellectual property

all original works are wholly owned and copyrighted by mike gallagher and mikegallagherart