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You may be here looking for an actor or actress you don’t see in the shop. Perhaps you want to get your favorite person an artwork of their most beloved movie scene. It is conceivable that you hate movies but dig Mike’s artwork and want him to paint your cat or baby or the UFO you shot down.

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Our Services

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Your Satisfaction

We look at a commission as your money working for you. We respect that. Mike will have a conversation with you to better learn not only what you want, but why, offer suggestions on aspects you may not have thought of, what your taste level is, and more. We want to make this as close to perfect as possible.

a portrait closer to caricature

Variety of Styles

you can choose from the styles presented below. Ask for the actor representing the style you want.

henri touslouse lautrec pen and ink rendering

We Work With You

Mike works on a deadline. You also have a deadline. We will work together to meet your expectations and deadline as best we can. This is not a straight fill out a form and get art situation. this is a conversation to ensure you get what you want. Mike was commissioned to draw batman fighting a my little pony pony. That was a long conversation to get the right pony, pose, style of batman, etc.



First, mike works only under contract. A scary document is provided containing verbiage carved from the souls of hellspawn, turned into pancreas-soaked digital bits forming a legal agreement, and signed by both you and mike in blood….

Mike will email you and make sure he understands what exactly you want. Once a price is determined, the contract signed and half down is paid, Mike will become working. 

Mike will send you several sketches of possible compositions for you to pick thru and approve. Mike will likely ask more questions to fine tune anything. One final approval of a sketch and he disappears into his art world to work.

Eventually he will send you a low resolution proof of the final piece. You will have the opportunity to discuss it and make two changes. Once the final is complete, the remainder of payment is made and Mike will release the final art to you.

you can come with a fully realized concept or a rough idea. Mike will work with whatever you bring. He is a skilled professional and will make this as easy and entertaining as possible, as well as blowing your socks of with the final result. If you are not wearing socks, you will feel a strong gust of wind on your feet.

If things don’t gel with the concept, subject matter, due date, or price, as long as the contract is not signed, you can walk away with no pain.

Before you request a commission

1. Digital art will be completed faster than IRL work. Digital requires no shipping nor material fees. There is no additional charge for color.

2. IRL art will include shipping fees and material fees. Additional charges for size and color.

3. Mike has final say on what he will and will not accept. There is a limit to what amount of sexuality and violence he will agree to.

4. All commission work is done under a contract and requires 50% down before the project is started. The contract will be delivered to you after Mike contacts you and agrees to the commission