Faces 6

I have been on a quest to find a way to paint with little lines. This was a breakthrough piece that has led me to what I am working on now.

I used green as a highlight to make the composition more interesting. It’s garish, but melds with the lavenders and purples.

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Faces 3

I occasionally do a series of Black Power images. I’ve been an ally and an advocate fighting against racism in a real way since 1987. I spent time learning about black history in college, given lectures with the NAACP, protested, supported black politicians and fought racism in every job I’ve had. Different forms of African art has permeated my color sense and design aesthetic.

I was feeling I needed to do something with flourishes. I was playing in garish colors as I do. This was a little new as I was using the flourishes to add texture as well as moving the eye.

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