Cool Comic Covers 9 – The Man of Steel miniseries

The best reboot of a character. John Byrne was tasked to bring a modern Superman to the 80s. He kicked off his run on the character by taking 6 issues to establish a baseline for everyone. It set up exactly who the character would be, the supporting cast, and the world as it fit in the DCU. The story is filled with creative and intelligent takes on decades old characters, making them feel fresh and modern without betraying everything that came before.

Take some time and find this story. It’s worth it.

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Cool comic cover 5 – Detective Comics #619

Norm Breyfogle filled my Batman quota in college. Just before the movie was released in 1989 I was looking for a Batman fix. I was a fan of the character but was disillusioned by most of DC’s 80s output. This was before dark and gritty, before the Dark Knight Returns.

I went looking, found nothing interesting in Batman or Detective. Some of the graphic novels were worth getting, but it looked like I would stay away from the Bat a while more. My friend at the comic shop said I should read Detective. I bought an issue and was floored by the Norm guy. The art was so angular and exaggerated that it hit me the right way. I was hooked.

I got to talking with Norm over Facebook and Messenger a few years back, around 2010-2012. He was very down to earth and spoke freely about the art and industry. He treated me as a colleague, not a fan. I enjoyed the time I got to virtually spend with him. I missed his comics output and now I miss him.

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