Find This Film 15 – Fantasia

1940 fantasia director: algar, armstrong, beebe jr., ferguson, hand, handley hee, jackson, luske, roberts, satterfield, sharpsteen cinematographer: james wo where every sound creates a picture well, if you were ever going to study the history of an animated film, this is the one to do. The behind the scenes is just as interesting as theContinue reading “Find This Film 15 – Fantasia”

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History of cinema 15 – Auguste and Louis lumière

The origin of cinema

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Year In Film 1955

A new type of content to stimulate the masses. I am going to list facts I find interesting, and I hope you do too, for a year in film. I am going to jump around to keep it more interesting. Let me know what you think. It’s ok to engage me. Top box office stars-Continue reading “Year In Film 1955”

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