Cinema Stories 5 – Kaya’s Big Break

Kaya O’Leary was one of my favorite employees. She was 16, tiny, had a unique personality and was really sick. Kaya came to her interview in a dress, always something impressive out of teens. She was smiling, not nervous at all, wanted to work any shift. She watched movies and had a good basic understandingContinue reading “Cinema Stories 5 – Kaya’s Big Break”

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Rambling Man – selling online blues

I’m well into my second year with mikegallagherart.com and have not been seeing sales of my art. I fought thru several setbacks last year. I got my shit together this year. I changed my sales platform to something more user friendly. I expanded my presence to sell. Social media isn’t really helping. I don’t haveContinue reading “Rambling Man – selling online blues”

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Blogging for a non blogger

My intentions are to create blog posts that express my opinions and generate traffic for my site. They will be entertaining and informative enough that you will want to give me your money. You need to wake up every morning with the internal struggle over feeding your children or buying my art. I intend toContinue reading “Blogging for a non blogger”

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