Year In Film 1965

  • Number of Releases: 452
  • CinemaScope releases: 11
  • Number of theatres: 14,000 (4,150 are drive ins)
  • Average weekly attendance: 44,000,000
  • Average ticket price: $1.01
  • Box office receipts: $927,000,000

Top box office stars- Sean Connery, John Wayne, Doris Day, Julie Andrew’s, Jack Lemmon, Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, James Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton

Top grossing films- Mary Poppins $28.5m, The Sound Of Music $20m, Goldfinger $19.7m, My Fair Lady $19m, What’s New Pussycat $7.2m

  • Palme d’Or- The Knack
  • Academy Award- The Sound of Music
  • Golden Globes- Doctor Zhivago & The Sound of Music
  • NY Film Critics- Darling
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Year In Film 1988

  • Number of Releases: 510
  • Number of screens: 23,250 (1,550 are drive ins)
  • Average weekly attendance: 2,086,154
  • Average ticket price: $4.11
  • Box office receipts: $4,458,400,000

Top box office stars-Tom Cruise, Eddie Murphy, Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Hogan, Danny DeVito, Bette Midler, Robin Williams, Tom Selleck, Dustin Hoffman

Top grossing films-Who Framed Roger Rabbit $78m, Coming To America $65m, Good Morning, Vietnam $58.1m, Crocodile Dundee II $57.3m, Big $50.8m

  • Palme d’Or- Pelle the Conqueror
  • Academy Award- Rain Man
  • Golden Globes- Rain Man & Working Girl
  • NY Film Critics- The Accidental Tourist
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Blogging for a non blogger

My intentions are to create blog posts that express my opinions and generate traffic for my site. They will be entertaining and informative enough that you will want to give me your money. You need to wake up every morning with the internal struggle over feeding your children or buying my art.

I intend to post at least once a week. Small posts. A new image I’ve made. Something I am working on and would like your feedback. An opinion about a song, a show, a film, a book, a comic. Maybe some random thing I find on the net.

I intend to make a long post once a month. A long film review, espousing on a a comic character, artist, real world event, and the like. I may show the process of creating an image. I am a process person.

I intend these things. Honestly. Sometimes depression will interfere. Sometimes family. Sometimes general frustration with the world. Stick with me. I will make it worth your while. The blog is the only place that I will publish art not made by me.

Please feel welcome to engage with me. I will answer your questions, address your criticisms, and likely will ask you questions.

Alex Raymond
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