Cool covers 11 Daredevil #189

I discovered Daredevil with this issue. I can’t imagine a better time to learn about Matt Murdoch. This was at Frank Miller’s strongest time with the character. The art was fantastic with imaginative storytelling and fantastic action. This cover epitomizes this era. The composition is strong and active. The colors are simple. The character is in shadow, intensifying the danger around him. And ninjas.

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Cool Comic Covers 9 – The Man of Steel miniseries

The best reboot of a character. John Byrne was tasked to bring a modern Superman to the 80s. He kicked off his run on the character by taking 6 issues to establish a baseline for everyone. It set up exactly who the character would be, the supporting cast, and the world as it fit in the DCU. The story is filled with creative and intelligent takes on decades old characters, making them feel fresh and modern without betraying everything that came before.

Take some time and find this story. It’s worth it.

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God Emperor of Dune

God Emperor Of Dune. Published 1981

A little more than 3,500 years have passed, and in God Emperor of Dune, Leto is now almost fully transformed into a sandworm. He is almost invulnerable to physical damage; only his face is susceptible to injury, and his single greatest weakness that he shares with the sandworms, an intense vulnerability to water, is a secret. “Leto’s peace” has kept the universe quiet for that time, and the entirety of human society has become an audience for him. He is their emperor; he is their god.


I wanted to create my contribution to all the various god emperors. I love the character and love how people envision him.

Mike Gallagher’s version

The last time I read GEOD was around 1996. I don’t remember details well and chose not to research it first. So this is what came out of my memory and imagination. I am wondering where the arms came from. I know he doesn’t have them. The cover above is a favorite and burned into my brain.

I wanted the room to look Islamic. I placed a figure in the foreground to add scale. I didn’t want anything else distracting from Leto II. I wanted dramatic light and eventual chose these unusual variations of typical colors that would be used. I chose a pose that would intimidate like a Roman Caesar. I tried to create some interesting lighting in the background without distracting for the worm dude.

Gallery of other god emperors

Please comment with your opinion of my work and the character in general.

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