Cool comic covers 6 – New Mutants #20

Comics were predictable. A constant source of a particular style of art. Sure, there were different styles, a multitude of panels combinations, a standard pallet of colors.

The Bill Sienkeweiz happened in my life.

He joined the team of creators on New Mutants and experimented. All over the pages. It was out of control. My young mind was blown. I had a visceral reaction to it. I was outraged. Angry. A mess. What was happening?

Still, I was intrigued. I kept reading, issue after issue. Then I started to get it. This was art!

It was better than all the other stuff. I craved more. Eventually I got to art school and everything was fine.

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Cool comic covers 4 – Uncanny X-Men #138

This was the first X-Men comic I ever purchased. It was at a 7-eleven on the road to Busch gardens. I knew nothing of these characters. After this, I began collecting comics seriously. I needed more. It lead to comic shops, conventions, drawing seriously, and much more. All from the issue after the key issue of phoenix’s death.

I don’t feel nostalgia for it. This cover is always living in my mind. John Byrne would quickly become an emulated favorite artist.

The colors are the big thing for me. The layout and design are interesting. There is a story being told. And look at all the characters. A lot of body language, especially with Xavier and colossus.

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