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mikegallagherart is proud to bring you  high quality movie art at a low cost. we want you to have more art in your home, at work, in your social media and in your life. these beuautiful, original art prints are curated to suit any taste and priced for any budget. great for gifts, using online as avatars and icons, and decorating journals and planners. thanks for supporting small business.



This will take you to my blog. currently, tuesday posts are art related (including film illustration, new shop art, skeletons from the closet). thursday posts are movie related (typically Cinema History and Find This Film). saturday is a new cool comic cover. sometimes i post an extra during the week to celebrate something


Please enter the shop to purchase digital art downloads. movie scene movie illustration. movie scenes. celebrity faces. abstract art.


Movie illustrations, steampunk, cyberpunk, all the art i produce. i place everything here. Select items are available in the shop.


Where did all the movie illustrations come from? What is Mike's process? What has he been up to? What are his likes and dislikes? Who is this man?!?

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If I were a real person, i would totally start collecting these ridiculously cool movie illustrations. They are so cheap! I can wallpaper my home with them. I sure hope you can have your testimonial added below. Contact mike, follow and smash that like button (if there is one).

fish live in water
icon time gilbert
jimmy fish
you can't fart without art
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laughing fool

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